Friday, May 04, 2007

What a pathetic farce

Well folks, regardless of the actual results, yet another brilliant success for electronic voting systems. And this in a system with a fully guaranteed paper trail, as we still used a written ballot.

On waking up, Mrs S-E and I heard the results for one of the Glasgow seats (Shettleston) - the "spoiled ballots" were the third largest poll. Ridiculous. Aberdeen - poll suspended - spoiled ballots greater than (twice?) the putative winning margin . Linlithgow and Livingston - poll suspended - Returning Officer has no confidence in the system. And that is without factoring in all of the issues with the postal votes.

More, from many sources I am sure, about this later. Possibly, and I say this with great hesitation, actually justification for an independent public enquiry - because if we cannot even be sure that our vote was properly counted, what mandate do any of them actually have?


PS - And a pity to see that Tommy did not make it on the Glasgow Regional list. A conviction politician (as opposed to the many who should be convicted) and one of the characters of Scottish politics. My arithmetic suggests that, even on the votes cast, he would have got in ahead of the Green MSP, Patrick Harvie, if the Solidarity and SSP votes had been combined (11,123 versus 10,759.)

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Unknown said...

dear se and others,

I invented an uncheatable system (SEEV) 2006/08 but since then have encountered vehement and overwhelming opposition from westminster, carter center and all other international community.

Alex weir (scot, ex-kilmaurs)

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