Saturday, May 12, 2007

Hope for some, No regrets for me.

I was listening to an interesting interview / puff piece on Radio Jockland, regarding the recent sale of Weir Pumps, upon whose products my life has depended, from time to time, from Weir Group to Clyde Blowers. They were speaking to Jim McColl, Scottish entrepreneur and Chief Exec of Clyde Blowers.

Congratulations to him, the rest of the CB team and for the 600 or so jobs the radio said would be saved. Interestingly, the Weir Group site says 400. Still, regardless, it is good news for Glasgow and Scotland and I hope they build a thriving business and many more jobs.

However, it would be difficult for me to cry much for the Weir Pumps Building in Cathcart, icon though it may be for Victorian Glasgow's industrial heritage. I understand, from the radio, that the site will be turned into housing.

So, there needs to be a competition to find the new world title holder for "worst commercial hot beverages". For many years this title has been proudly held in Weir Pumps, often by interlopers: the Scottish Power IT dept, then Calanais / SAIC, then Scottish Power again and, finally, by Weirs themselves. Coffee like radioactive sludge, but without the flavour and without any redeeming caffeine. Tea like dirty dishwater without the bubbles. Truly horrendous stuff - so bad that a previous MD I worked for actually put his hand in his pocket to buy us something real after a visit.

Not something, I hasten to add, that I suggest Mr McColl, who appears to be rather successful, takes up.


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