Saturday, May 12, 2007

More random thinking

While brushing my teeth.

The level of control shown when car driving in the Middle East is notoriously appalling. Why? Is there a simple explanation? Probably not, but ...

This may be completely barking but horses are spectacularly dumb, donkeys better and camels, reputedly, quite intelligent. Somebody controlling a horse has to keep {cough} a tight rein on it most of the time. Somebody in charge of a camel is, more or less, better leaving it to do its own thing with a bit of encouragement along the haste axis, from time to time.

Assuming that requirements for control of more-or-less historical transport animals generate a cultural attitude to mobility which can be subsequently linked to motor vehicles (both big assumptions), you can see how, despite this, you might get a different approach to maintaining control of your transport.

Of course, this doesn't explain Italian driving, but nothing much does. As the title says, random thinking.


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