Saturday, October 06, 2007

Imminent Victory?

Is this a success for Dan and the campaign?

Has blogger-power claimed a UK political victory?

Will the practicalities of the implementation strangle the good Mr Webster claims will be announced?

Why is the GCF's administration leaking like a rusty colander?

Is there any point to Parliament any more?

Why is Murdoch mouthpiece thieving Dan (and others, but mostly Dan & Manic for the video)'s credit? Ed: oh, I know that one - it's because they're a spineless bunch of pathetic parasites.

Hundreds of interpreters and their families are to be given assistance to leave Iraq, where they live under fear of death squads because they collaborated with British forces. Those wishing to remain in Iraq or relocate to neighbouring countries will be helped to resettle.

After a two-month campaign by The Times, Gordon Brown is set to announce that interpreters who have worked for the British Government for 12 months will be given the opportunity of asylum in Britain.

The offer also applies retrospectively to interpreters who worked for the Government but have ceased to do so. Government sources have disclosed that a few hundred vital support staff would also be helped, although they declined to give details.

These questions, and more, will probably not be answered after the break :) We'll have to wait until Monday. Tuesday's meeting could be more of an all-out celebration than has been apparent. Just how much is Parliamentary fizz a bottle? I may just have to find out. H/t to Tim.

Oh and Lewis too.

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Anonymous said...

A very hollow and insulting victory when it is fine for British men and women in the forces to die for Iraqis and Iraqi freedom and democracy, but it isn't fine for Iraqis to do it themselves.

The whole campaign is a disgrace.

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