Thursday, December 06, 2007

More Search Engine Sniggering

Apart from the usual incredulity that, of all of the places on the great wide interwebby thing, they should end up here, some words of advice:

"nadine" brick car accident
You may not like her but that's no reason to be violent. Oh, and I forgot, putting quotes around a single word in a Google search is nugatory.

tate & lyle + phosgene production unit

Clearly the next BMA campaign to restrict our life choices. "Don't eat sugar, it's made with poison gas."

reader for hdsd

Took me a while to find one, but the Transcend M2 seems to work for me. Available here. Haven't tried the M3.

royal navy tartan

Unlike Army Regiments, the RN doesn't have an official tartan. Where you are permitted to wear the kilt (Mess Undress and Mess Dress, IIRC), you should wear your own tartan. If you are not entitled, then see if you can get permission to wear the regimental tartan of an affliated Scottish (or Scots Canadian) Regiment.

Update: for mistyping and M3 link.

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