Monday, December 17, 2007

Iraqi Interpreters Speak

From, without wishing to be rude, the "horses' mouths":
The two interpreters in Syria described why they had to flee for their lives.

"Three guys with machine guns attacked me inside my house," Latif told me, "and of course they knew I was an interpreter.

"They stole everything but I begged them to leave my family alone. They said - we're going to take your son ... imagine the terror of that!"

Latif had worked for the British for three years and it was only because the militia heard that soldiers were in the area that they ran out of his house and his son was saved.

"We feel the British forces are responsible for our lives," said Amir, whose father had insisted he leave before the militias put a bullet in his heart.

"We need asylum anywhere, but we hope it could be Britain."

With thanks to Panorama. Now go and visit Dan and then write to your MP.

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