Friday, December 28, 2007

Hello Girly

This is just so much fun.

To boost sales, Sanrio has also recently launched a slightly raunchy range where Hello Kitty cheekily displays her knickers.

Errm. Hum. "Missing the Point"(TM) (and

We (blokes) don't give a shit about the cartoon kitten. Really. Honest. Swear it on our mothers'1 graves and all. The whole ****ing point was always to get young2 females to display their knickers. Normally, it has to be said, by throwing them artistically over their shoulders while yelling "Take me, big3 boy".

While researching this article, your scribe would like to admit being slightly surprised by the "Hello Kitty" vibe, moderately embarrassed by the "Hello Kitty" panty liners, but this (NSFW) was fine.

Update: This is even better. The "Hello Kitty assault rifle". I know I can't have one but ...

Update 2: Here is the home for all men (or women, though they are somewhat rarer) who cannot get their brains around the phenomena that is "Hello Kitty". Welcome to "Hello Kitty Hell".

1. Once we've killed 'em for the 'surance, 'course.

2. But legal. Honest!

3. Yeh, I know. "Fat chance". Thanks.

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