Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Election: First Leaflet

And it's from oor Eric ...

This is two-horse tournament stuff.  No picture of his glorious leader, no mention that he resigned from the government, no mention of the Scottish Government - in fact no mention of the SNP - his only credible opposition in this seat.

He talks about new hospitals and new schools - but education and health are devolved matters.  Nothing to do with the Falkirk MP - whoever they happen to be, or the Westminster government.

Scream "evil Tories" loud enough and the sheep will knee-jerk vote Red.

And, I have to say "Regeneration in Denny" - not obvious from where I am sitting.  The eyesore flats were going to be demolished - cancelled by the Labour council ...

No mention of the disastrous state of the British economy - although the "Scottish economy" has apparently been rescued by Labour, no mention of his appalling record on expenses, lots of mentions of pensions - none of his glorious leader's single-handed destruction of the British private pension system.

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