Thursday, April 22, 2010

Election: UKIP

I've just seen the Falkirk Herald and we have a UKIP candidate - a Brian Goldie.  I don't know the man.

His Camelon upbring suggests, though, that he is a member of the Goldie political family, as the police used to say "well known around these parts".  Dennis Goldie is a former Labour councillor, Provost and stood for MSP in the 2007 election (beaten by the SNP) - probably most famous (outside the area) for not liking gay people very much.  Gerrie (Gerald) Goldie is a current labour councillor. 


Anonymous said...

Yes he's a member of the Goldie family. I hope your blog post doesn't indicate "guilt by association"

Surreptitious Evil said...

Associated, yes, but purely geographically!

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