Monday, April 26, 2010

Election: Fourth Leaflet

Well, I wasn't expecting "A Personal Message from David Cameron" to pop through my door - it's certainly not personalised (only Eric Joyce's was) but through it came.

It is certainly the best designed of the leaflets so far - not having to stick with a corporate red or yellow (and that dreadful pink John dredged up for the background of his text boxes!) certainly helps.

It's a concerted attack on the failings of the UK Labour Government, a lot of statements about expenses (but never a mention of Joyce) and a few local issues tacked on to the final sixth of the sheet.  She isn't, of course, local.

Much of what she promises relates to devolved issue but there is a statement about working with  She also promises "honesty, integrity, openness and candour".  She's a PR advisor FFS, 'candour'? If there is a Tory government on May 7th (or shortly thereafter), they are all going to be on the tightest of leashes.  David Cameron is entirely aware why John Major's government collapsed and he isn't going to be allowing even those free-thinkers who have been selected and are elected to rock the boat.

But Katie hasn't got a hope in hell of being elected, honestly. She wouldn't have a hope even if the campaign wasn't so personalised - although, if Joyce had been deselected, I may well have gone and ceremonially spoiled my ballot (which is what voting Tory here under FPTP counts as.)  I suspect that a lot of her expected 10% of the vote will tactically vote "anybody but Eric" and that can only be good news for John.  Will we see her on the Central Scotland list in a couple of years?  Reckon so ...

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