Monday, April 12, 2010

Wake up Eric!

A certain Mr E Joyce seems to have forgotten that Parliament has been prorogued.  Unlike, for example, John Redwood or Tom Watson, who have made it clear that they are now Parliamentary candidates, rather than MPs, oor Eric still has
I am the Member of Parliament for Falkirk.

I've done a quick check for some others - Lynne Featherstone, Douglas Carswell and David Jones,  definitely get it - making it clear they are just candidates. Tom Harris has it overtly on his banner but has forgotten to amend his "about" page and Dominic Grieve needs to fix his <title> tag!

John Barrett, Sir George Young and John Baron have just temporarily closed their blogs. Nadine Dorries and Richard Bacon definitely join Eric in the naughty corner.

Update - I thought I would go up market (or down, depending on which way you see it) and check the party leaders. Witney Conservatives have it correct for the Cameroon - it's a pity that still has him as MP for Witney.  The Tory site is still claiming "There are currently 195 Conservative Members of Parliament in the House of Commons" too!  The revolving healthcare assistants at 10 Downing Street still have McRuin as an MP and Alex Salmond is still "MSP MP" or "MP / MSP"although Nick Clegg's site is as compliant as the best of the backbenchers.

Update 2 - Both of Eric's blogs are now sorted, as is davidcameronmp and, I think, Nadine's.  No10, both Salmond bios and Richard Bacon's site are still out of compliance.  If they can't get the little things right, why should we trust them with something actually important?


eric joyce said...

Thanks for this, Surreptitous. My blog's amended, although I'll check for the phrase across my website again. No life, right?

Surreptitious Evil said...

You might also want to check your other site too:

"Member of UK Parliament for Falkirk, Dec 2000- present"

Helps me relax after lunch before I get back to work ...

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