Thursday, September 06, 2007

Back to the usual mongs

Johann, of course.

I was emailed by a 17-year old gay boy at a Muslim school last year who was told by one of his teachers in a lesson that "sodomites should be killed". In the Stonewall study, an 18-year old boy called Matthew said: "It's a Catholic school... and we are told 'gay people will go to hell because the Bible condemns it'... It's horrid, you just want to go and cry at come of the remarks made by the teachers."

Err, yes - shouldn't you be writing about "news" not "bloody obvious". Would it be offensive to say "well, blow me down with a feather" in a discussion on homosexuality?

That would be because the Roman Catholic sect of the Christian faith and orthodox Islam both strongly condemn homosexuality. See Jamal here (we know he is a pillock but the links under "related articles" are somewhat disturbing - and I "play with a straight bat") and the official position of the Catholic Church (written by the current Pope when he was still running the Inquisition).

I know we are all required to be tolerant little metro-socialist drones these days - and I would expect schools to take a strong link on any bullying, homophobic or otherwise - but if you want religious sympathy for the LGBT (I think that is up to date) community, I am afraid that you need the Church of England.

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