Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Edward Lackwit

A certain "Edward Lutwak", right-wing military analyst, was on Radio Scotland this morning (just after 6:30) pronouncing on the failure of the British in Iraq and the un-acknowledged success of George Bush.

I'll leave pronouncing on the withdrawal from Basra Palace (according to Edward, the British Headquarters, which must come as a great surprise to everbody who has been at MND(SE) at Basrah Airport or the Logistics Base that used to be at Shraibah) for a while - we'll see what it actually means to the day-to-day stability of Basrah and how the Iraqi security forces can cope in the city. But Shrub ...

Apparently, and this is certainly news to me, 9/11 was the work of the combined forces of world-wide "Muslims" (rather than of a small but well-organised extremist Wahhabi / Salafist terrorist group, generally known as Al Qaeda.) Apparently the Iraq adventure has managed to fragment this combined world-wide anti-American group into Sunnis and Shias who spend all of their time killing each other. This will come as a welcome relief to the coalition forces, British and American, in Iraq, who are taken casualties on a pretty-much-daily basis, and to historians who have been searching for the real cause of the Sunni / Shia split between 656 and about 680 (interestingly, the last battle of this war taking place in Karbala, which you might have heard of as it is in Iraq). Despite it happening some 1100 years before the founding of his country and 1350 years before he was sworn in as President, it is all down to George.

If this is the sort of nonsense that is expounded by so-called "senior Pentagon advisor" and "member of the National Security Study Group", we can see why, despite their undoubted military prowess and tactical successes, strategic advantage has been consistently squandered by the senior levels (political and military) at the Pentagon.

We can see more of Edward's undoubted wisdom here (where he believes that smart bombing may "end the need for traditional armed forces in America" - more locally, the fervent hope and repeated dogma of the RAF since its foundation) and here:
Pentagon advisor Edward Lutwak is quoted as saying that "Iranian nuclear facilities could be bombed in a single night by a handful of B2 bombers flying out of the British dependency of Diego Garcia in the Indian Ocean, and it would be enough to demolish the most critical sites such as Natanz, Arak and Isfahan."
Sure. By using nuclear weapons. First use of WMD. What a clever idea, Edward.

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Fidothedog said...

Ah yes the doomsayers all have their opinions on the movement of UK troops.

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