Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Private Ey-What?

A couple of howlers from the latest issue (1192).

Rotten Boroughs:
Despite being Britain's fourth smallest county by area (and 12th smallest county by population) residents pay the UK's third-highest council tax.

Firstly, UK ≠ Britain. Fix it. It's trivial.

Secondly, well, yes. Not that I am equipped to comment on either the efficiency or effectiveness of Bedfordshire County Council (as they are poli-scoundrels, I am entirely prepared to be convinced that they are a bunch of utter wastrel incompetents) but the lack of economies of scale that come with being a small county are, in economics terms (especially if they have to 'compete' with larger neighbouring councils in terms of service provision) likely to raise the individual charge.

Please, Rev Allardice: exactly what is an "occupationally contracted disease" for a "retired CofE cleric"? Atheism?

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