Thursday, September 25, 2008

Dear Kezia

While your blog is yours (well, Google's lent out to you) and therefore your rules* apply (as long as you don't fall foul of their's), there are good reasons why many of us post pseudonymously or, even, anonymously.

For example, some of mine are:
  • The government thinks that the Human Rights Act Article 10 doesn't apply to me (or Jackart).
  • My employer does not necessarily share my opinions.
  • My fellow journalists.
  • I gain some limited mental release from indulging my potty mouth at the antics of our lords and masters.
  • I think the nym is cool.
Just musing - we are aware that the good Mr Worstall is now Press Officer for UKIP. I wonder whether his Ts&Cs are similar to Mr Towler's (or, even, if the money paying his salary has come in part from EC / EP funding?) I'd hate to see his "ironique et eurosceptique" blog disappear too.

Update: And see the comments on the it-might-just-be-a-kite-flown-by-the-Stasi EU Blogging Code here.

* From here sidebar: " I retain the right to delete those ... posted anonymously - If I'm prepared to publish in my own name you can too."

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