Thursday, September 04, 2008

Imagine If

Dizzy got there first but I'm going to carry on regardless ...

Imagine if Iain Dale was composing a list of the worst 100 political blogs. Would we be entertaining any notion that a blogger could reasonably demand to be excluded, even on the grounds that they regard it as "damaging to their reputation"?

Just thinking, that's all.

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Tim said...

Even if one holds this view, he could simply have said 'no' to my request at the time.

I asked to be excluded from the entire affair, and Iain decided to instead 'surprise' me with inclusion in a deeply flawed poll that far too many people will take seriously. He did so knowing that I had announced a boycott to my readers (potential voters).

Iain knows what a boycott is. And so do you.

(And I won't be responding on Dizzy's weblog, because comments on the Hendren website can lead to nuisance calls and publication of personal data.)

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