Monday, September 08, 2008


Justin, at the normally excellent but recently quite quiet Chicken Yoghurt, is having a few problems:

This Account Has Exceeded Its CPU Quota

Please contact this site's webmaster.

Wait a few minutes and use your browser's "Back" button or click here to try again.

If you are the webmaster, your account may have gotten this error for one or more of the following reasons:
  • Your account has used more than its share of the cpu in the past 60 second sliding window.
  • Your account has too many concurrent processes running simultanously.
  • Your account has consumed too much memory.
  • Your site was recently very busy trying to run inefficient scripts.

The solution would be to optimize your applications to use less CPU.
Adding appropriate indeces to your SQL tables can often help reduce CPU.
Using static .html documents instead of painful .php scripts will practically eliminate CPU usage.

Despite the (completely accurate) comments of people like Tim at Bloggerheads, regarding the manifest limitations of Blogger* (especially when tracking down evil sock-puppets and other vermin of the great, but entirely hypothetical, right-wing blogging conspiracy), it is why I still stick with the Google Borg manifestation. Too much trouble, otherwise, it seems.

Update: It seems to be strongly intermittent. Say 3 out of 5 forced refreshes (i.e. so I am not getting the result from my ISP cache.)

* i.e. You cannot get the IP address associated with a specific comment.

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Anonymous said...

Cheer for the heads-up, SE. It happens now and again - I've got loads of WordPress plugins on the blog and when they all grind into action together they can put a naughty load on the host's server. Really must do something about it...

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