Saturday, February 04, 2012

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But posted somewhere else. I retain it here for reasons of simple ego.

The world is not 'fair'. Reality owes you nothing. It is mere childishness to think otherwise and wilful ignorance to demand that others act according to your delusions.

Actually, having thought about it, "Reality owes you nothing except death" would have been even better.

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Cromwell said...

What about the saying 'He who pays the piper calls the tune' ?
Theatres must put on plays that people demand or they will close down. If the paying public want a fake reality on the stage then that is what they will get. And do get.
That film 'The Matrix' was probably closer to reality than people realise. I doubt if much of what people hear from leaders or news stations is related to reality. The people would be terrified of the truth. That we're cash cows from birth to death and to the elite we're vermin. Or 'useless eaters' as they now call us. No, the people don't want to hear reality. It would spoil their day. So they demand delusions. Beg for it so they can watch 'Take me Out' and drink to take them further from reality.
Those Freemen are at least trying something different. The current set up is so corrupt it will fail eventually anyway. How can it be right for the Queen to regularly sign away powers from the UK to Brussels without the consent of the people and against what was written in magna carta ? 40 years of signing away powers so that we're now an empty husk.

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