Friday, February 10, 2012

Strange Priorities

Or probably not.

Unilad - unfunny joke - definitely; offensive - certainly seems to have been; should have been banned? I don't think so. Result - spaffed all over the Guardian. Well, okay, they're somewhat more "right on" than I am.

10 year old deaf girl is kept as a slave and sexually abused for nearly a decade. Unfunny, offensive and, guess what? Actually illegal in a significant number of ways. So, what do we get from the "Manchester Guardian"?

Your search - Ilyat Ashar - did not match any documents. 

I did try another few searches as well - the wife's name, even "false imprisonment manchester" - nothing relevant. The most recent article returned on the Gruniad's own search engine for the last search was this.

Nothing from Polly (well, she wouldn't unless the accused were Tory councillors, would she), nothing from Jane Martinson, nothing from any of the legion of feminist ranters. I think they are seriously fucked up. And I don't mean that in a nice way. Update: The Guardian posted this article at 17:00 on Mon 13th. From "a senior news writer", not from any of the legion of the overpaid opinionated.

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