Wednesday, February 01, 2012

I suppose a war of words is better ...

It's a while since I've had a bit of a rant about the Falklands. Still, the Argentinians seem to be making up for my lack ...
"Do you even know what moral means," replied a Malvinas hardliner. "If you regret that we left the English with 31 ships out of combat then you never had any sense of morality."
Goodness - 31 ships "out of combat" - damaged beyond combat use, perhaps? Well, if you count a couple with the odd cannon shell hole and Onyx running aground, I count that they damaged 21. What about:
Argentines are saddened that Prince William "will arrive on our soil in the uniform of a conquistador, and not with the wisdom of a statesman who works for peace and dialogue between nations," the country's foreign ministry said.
Hmm, bit effing late. Never mind 1982, what about the offers to take the discussions to the Hague between 1947 and 1955? Who was it who said "No, desgraciado extranjeros sucios" then? Hint, the Brits probably didn't speak Spanish ... Note: Edited for spilung

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