Saturday, February 11, 2012

Dear Argentina,

The maximum range of the Trident D-5 rocket carried in the Vanguard class submarines is, according to Wikipedia, over 7,000 miles. Which is somewhat more than the distance between Plymouth and Buenos Aires.

Why would we need one to be anywhere near the Falklands?

Note: Yes, I know that the boats are based in Faslane not Devonport ...


Seaman Staines said...

True. But as the Argies will tell you you would have to wrestle the codes from the yanks who control our missiles.
Good luck with that ;)

Oh and the sailors wouldn't get a medal as they would be too far north. I think.

Surreptitious Evil said...

If the Argies think that that Yanks have codes for our missiles, then they are even dumber than it appears.

Our launch codes are that, ours.

Of course, if you are talking about the codes for our bombs, as opposed to our missiles - the "Permissive Action Links" that the Yanks had fitted (and, reputed, because they didn't trust the politicians, the USAF had set to "0000" for years), errm, we don't have them.

You're almost certainly right about the medal - but the lads on Dauntless won't get one either.

Seaman Staines said...

So you're telling me that if Labour get back in power then Jim 'Spud' Murphy can nuke Agentina ?
I'm going for a lie down.

Surreptitious Evil said...

Nope. Just that if he tried to do it (which he can't - it's the PM with that authority not the SoS for Defence) then it wouldn't be the Yanks that would stop him.

Seaman Staines said...

That's scary. Tony Bliar, Gordon McRuin and now 'cast iron' Dave with that amount of power.
I'm definitely going for a lie down.

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