Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Éoin Clarke: Outrageously Stupid

Now, I know that's not news but he's outdone himself this time with "A call to establish an International Banking Crimes Tribunal". Being a lefty, of course, crimes include facilitating legal voluntary payments between consenting adults:
Worse still, UK banks took payments from families in poverty for FarePak Christmas Hampers even though they knew they were calling in the debts of that company before Christmas and that families would be left stranded
things they simply aren't guilty of:
Moreover, our banks have flogged cash machines to racketeers who charged customers £1.50 per withdrawal.
{Note to the socialist or terminally dim (but I'm channelling Mr Clemens again ...): Diebold and NCR may indeed be evil but, regardless, they're not banks!}

and uses the example of the ICC (120 States Parties not including, as well as the USA, the two most populous nations in the world - China and India) as:
the entire world

But then he outdoes himself with a "perfect Ritchie":
The powers of the court are for others to discuss but the concept that a court would be able to apply unlimited fines and recommend bankers for trial seems a good starting point.
Civilised places, you utter statist filth, generally award punishments after the trial.


Unknown said...

Hope things are going alright for you SE. You seem a bit stressed.

Warmest regards,


for what its worth, I collect insults I receive for nostalgia. 'Statist filth' is up there will the best. Well done.

Surreptitious Evil said...

Care to comment on the "punishment to be awarded according to the unpopularity of the caste of accused then the trial"?

Or any of the other points raised?

No, I thought not. And I'm afraid it's not even an original insult.

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