Saturday, February 04, 2012

Fools on the loose

Freemen on the Land. What can you do with them. Hunting with hounds has been outlawed, we can't just 'hang'em from the yardarm' anymore and the stocks have been banned as "too good for them". Oh dear.

I mean, just what does this mean:

All words/whirreds(null) that follow/fall low(null) shall be of common/calm man use only and where “spellings”/ “sounds”/ “mal-intents” are null and void ab initio, ad infinitum, nunc pro tunc;

Go on? Apart from the simple gibberish, the author clearly misunderstands the words "null" and "void" in the legal context. Which is strange. Because this purports to be a legal document.

Okay, and they don't like "Unam Sanctum",  Boniface VIII's attempt to claim the moral high (hog?) ground back from Dante. Great. I don't like it either. Mind you, neither did Phillip (IV) King of France. Having rad it, he then had Boniface's palace assaulted, the Pope captured and humiliated, to the extent that Boniface dies just over a month later. Oh, and it had nothing to do with the "Holy Roman Emperor" - it was a battle of ideas between the Papacy and the Kings of France and, to a lesser extent, England. Anyway, ever heard of this wee thing that happened in the 16th and 17th centuries? Generally called "the Reformation". And, what about the Enlightenment?

"Lawful rebellion" in accordance with Article 61? Find the barons and make your complaint for redress. Go on ... Then get the 25 to meet and swear to them. Please. It will occupy your time ...

"The Dummies Guide to Freedom" - err, they don't get this, do they ...

And what about this pretentious bollocks:

Let it be known by all concerned, interested and affected parties that I, the Freeman known as Michael-John of Bernicia (the Grantor-Trustee), have been entrusted with the Soul Mission of founding the Universal Community of Self-Realisation, for the highest benefit of the emancipation, upliftment and self-realisation of Mankind,

Fuck me. That could almost have come from the founding directive of "Comment is Facile" ...

Why do apparently intelligent people get caught up in this utter drivel? Interestingly, quite a lot of them appear to be just that wee bit older than me. I might just have to blame LSD.


Anonymous said...

The 25 Baron HAVE been sought, found, the Queen petitioned. All done according to LAW. You show your ignorance.

Do you deny that you are a living breathing SENTIENT (sic)BEING or a slave, or worse still, just another of the many mindless sheep who form the genral poplace of this and many other countries?

If you ARE a living being, then by what right does ANYONE have dominion over you unless you let them? You have burned your own argument.

I choose NOT to be told what to do by a bunch of inbred fuckwits who have no idea what is "best" for me, and neither do Freemen.

The 10's of thousands worldwide, instead of being bitter and twisted in their everyday lives, have spent CONSIDERABLE time and effort researching points of law and statute of which you could only dream and have found many remedies that narrow minded biggots would not.

Open your eyes and THINK, these people are not evil or misguided, quite the opposite in fact and your poorly researched attack merely shows you to be a state "lackey" on of those people who berates others because THEY have the guts to stand up and say "ENOUGH, the Fraud against us stops NOW".

Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa to you sir!!

Surreptitious Evil said...

Learn to spell, learn to reason and learn to read.

Once you've done that, I might consider treating your opinions on the law with something other than the derision they quite so clearly deserve.


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