Friday, April 27, 2007

Bizarre Personality Cults

The postman has just delivered my postal voting form (which I won't actually need this year am now forced to use even though I will be working locally on Thursday and could readily have fronted up at the polling station. Ho hum.) However, I was very interested to spot the total absence of the Scottish National Party.

Instead, we have "Alex Salmond for First Minister". Go on, explain that one.

I would also note that we have "Christian Peoples Alliance - Leader Teresa Smith" and "Solidarity - Tommy Sheridan".

Well, at least that will stop more arguments with my wife 'cause she couldn't believe I was going to tactically vote SNP. They, even under their assumed name, have lost one by being such fucking prats. Makes the "smug useless gits" look nearly vaguely competent.

Oh well, Independent for councillor(s) & Tory, once more, for consituency and list, I suppose. Hell, when I finally thought my vote was going to count.

What a bunch of utter wankers. No wonder we have pathetic turnout election after election.


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