Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Annabel - your web-team or you - decide!

Why oh bloody why is the Scots' Tories manifesto not overtly linked from their home page? (Yes, I know you can get it by hovering over "News and Press" and clicking on "Manifesto" and then on "Click here to view our manifesto".

It is actually much easier to get to their thoughts about what they would do in power from my politically irrelevant site than from theirs. Why?

I can only think of three reasons:
  • They are all a bunch of complete cretins.
  • Their web design team is either non-existent or a bunch of complete cretins.
  • They have already given up all hope of being any force for good in the next Scottish Parliament.
In the first case, there is clearly no hope. This is most likely but extremely unfortunate (Ed note: a small but startlingly explicit rant was removed from here on grounds of general taste) for those of us who really want an economically liberal, socially libertarian, small government party in power in Scotland.

In the second case, they should employ a decent design team and keep the bloody site up to date.

As for the last case, well - what about this?


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