Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Challenge - Redux et Finis

Well, until we see some content from the Nu-Lab proto-troll, possibly here, but anywhere would do, I think the challenge is more or less over. As the challenger has slunk away without putting up any show, then I declare that the forces of right have won :)

However, I just wanted to share a few short points with you.


Better off out. I could say more but that is accurate & concise.

The Welfare State (including pensions)

Root and branch reform - split benefits overtly into "citizenship entitlements" - you get these if you meet the basic criteria (pension, child benefit etc) regardless of your income and "hardship benefits". We can then massively simplify the latter and concentrate on keeping the total marginal rate of taxation & benefit withdrawal, in the light of additional income at levels which do no discourage working.

The Health Service

Be honest. We cannot afford for everybody to get the best of everything. Ensure that clinical best practice is what drives the provision of care, not pointless bureaucratic targets. Dr's Crippen and Rant to run a special anti-idiotarian hit squad.

The Office of the Deputy Prime Minister

To be re-named (again but, come on, it's only £50k) "Jester in Chief to Her Majesty's Court at Westminster" and the current incumbent to remain in post for life. Wearing of motley and false nose to be mandatory.


Gone, immediately. If industry needs help from government, it isn't doing its job correctly.

There should be much more but I have run out of time. Have fun.


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