Sunday, April 08, 2007

Early thought on politician's blogs

I don't think that many British politicians or, more probably, their staffs, get the interactive aspect of blogging. As part of my general interest in what is hopefully the disaster about to befall Scottish Labour, I have been scouring a few of the SNP blogs. I am going to pick on two.

The SNP's chosen colour scheme of black on yellow does lead to some truly hideous templates, but that is not my main point. Look at this blog - Alex's Talking Points. Now this guy was one of the list MSPs for Central Scotland in the last parliament and is running again. Technically, he was one of my representatives in the cess-pit of Holyrood.

What a blog. Four posts last month, a welcome post and three extracts from his election literature. Excuse me, he decided to call it "Talking Points", not me. I know we get at Terry for insisting to reply to every comment individually but given that the only 2 comments on his blog are from me and I did ask him some questions, would a reply really be out of order?



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