Monday, April 09, 2007

A critic and a challenge

Well, it has taken its time (although red mist, who appears to be quite sharp and is clearly too rational for the epithet, did have a bit of a go), but TerryWatch has attracted its first troll. Step forward "The Cynic". Now, from his comments to date, "The Critic" would have been far more appropriate but we'll see if this improves.

He, she or it (he, for convenience), seems to think that we are running for election:
I have in the past critised (sic) Labour for complacency - mind you I can see why when all their opponets (sic) can offer is mudslinging rather than effective policies to deal with the issues of the day.
Spullink (sic) aside, I thought I would start to answer this here. I am not running for election; I have no interest in running for election; as a Tory in Central Scotland, even if I happened to be Adam Rickitt, I would stand no hope of being elected. However, unto the day of each challenge someone must arise else hope has fled.

So, I will be posting, over the next few days, a few policy ideas. They are my own - they may be crazy. Some of them will be impractical. Shout at them - not a problem (though, apologies, I will be leaving comment moderation on.)

A specific challenge to "The Cynic": blogger is free - unless your policy ideas are "unquestioning acceptance of the Nu-Labour manifesto", in which case you really should take your medicine more regularly - post your policy ideas. I am sure we will criticise - some of us may help, some of us will fisk with evidence, others will merely mock. However, you raised this bar - jump it.


PS: erm, the incompetent spelling. Doesn't it remind you of somebody? Troll or sock-puppet? Let the court of public opinion decide :)

PPS & Update: RfS had his own opinion on it here. Pre the cynic.

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