Thursday, April 26, 2007

Real World Trolling. Bad Thing.

Well, that is interesting. Somebody has been sending our Hero threatening letters. This is, no matter what you think of him, a bad thing. It breaks a number of laws and, depending on the regularity and the severity of the matter, is possibly worthy of (a limited degree of) police attention. I would like to think that Renfrewshire and Inverclyde "K" Division, CID, Strathclyde Polis would offer the same service to any citizen of the area and that Terry is not being given special treatment because of his exalted status.

Now, just in case you think I have gone soft in my absence, I still believe Terry is a mendacious fool and wholly unworthy of any form of elected or otherwise public office. I will still use TerryWatch to fisk or take the piss out of him or even just be rude about him. I will continue to have the odd go at Rayleen. Not because she is Terry's daughter (although that is how I became aware of her existence) but because she is yet another cretinous adherent of the incompetent Scottish Labour "handout society" statist freakery.

I have a few comments to make, though.

Why are people sending Terry racist mail (or email, or blog articles or blog comments)? Semi-literate cretin that he is, he is still a white European male. A stupendously obese and ridiculously ugly one, but a white European male. But, they probably are not. They are probably sending him mail disagreeing with him about immigration and asylum - subjects on which our Hero is publicly verbose ('though illiterate - look at the link rather than the amended title :) although, when it comes to actually trying to help people, useless and evasive. And we all know that disagreeing with Nu-Lab needs to be criminalised.

Secondly, Terry seems to be surprised that he has upset people all over the world:
they (Strathclyde Polis) went on to confirm that the hate mail had been sent from such diverse places as the Philippines, Holland and Russia.
Hasn't this idiot worked out that the internet is, to be blunt, a world-wide (North Korea not-exempt) accessible resource? Does he really believe that readership of his drivel should be limited to the benighted inhabitants of "Whitesbridge, Fischer, Baronscourt and Ferguslie"?

And, finally, why does he think that the polis would, in violation of their duty of confidentiality to victims and the Data Protection Act 1998, give details of an alleged crime to J Random Punter, even if he is that blogger of taste and wit, "Right for Scotland".

Two wrongs do not make a right. Terry is the human epitome of egregious wrong. But, sending threatening letters is also wrong, you utter fools.

Vote agin him next week, if you can. Or Rayleen. Or any of the Nu-Lab vermin. Get them out of our lives for good.



Fidothedog said...

it does make you wonder what Terry classes as race hate, I have to wonder if the police look at things the same way Terry does.

Surreptitious Evil said...

I thought that was the whole point behind the anti-"everything-I-disagree-with" thought crime world-view (and current UK legislative outlook)? That insult is purely in the eye of the beholder, whether they were the person to which the communication was addressed or not, independent of the traditional "rational observer" or even "man on the Clapham omnibus" tests?

Ergo, Terry can declare mail racist on behalf of the populations of Kinshasa or Brazzaville and the police have to treat it as if a (insert race of your choice) had received direct bigoted threats.

I wonder if the police laugh at Terry as much as we do :)


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