Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Another Screeching Harridan

Not content with having Toynbee, Clinton, Smith, Harman, and Blears inflicted upon us, a large set of teeth has arisen from its media sinecure to spew forth bile:

Blogs are surely the musings of the socially inept, those people you sidle away from at parties after a couple of stabs at conversation. They are the product of the internet that has given a "voice" to millions of people who have nothing to say apart from the fact that their pet has just exited via the cat flap and the baby has soiled another nappy.

Without wishing to dwell on the inappropriateness of Janet Street-Porter criticising anybody, even for example Tracy Emin, for shameless self-promotion and not wishing to compare the blogosphere with a "viewspaper", I do realise that there are endless execrable blogs out there but there is gold among the dross.

She is also confusing the medium and the message. Much crap is written on paper, often by people paid to write it. Some is relevant, a little is good, a miniscule amount will still be being read or re-read in 100 years time. There are excellent blogs out there - you just look for them and come back to them, and ignore the others.

For your information and as I am certain you are interested - it is beneath our cats' dignities to use the cat flap. They insist on having the front door opened for them.

Footnote: A remarkable statement from one of the usually guilty, Paul Flynn MP:
When will politicians realise that not all of life’s irritations can be solved by legislation and prohibition?

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Fidothedog said...

I read that and I have to admit that I had a chuckle at it.

There she is having a go at blogs whilst not seeing the similarity between them and her own article in the paper.

The only real difference is that some paper is paying her a wedge to write her articles, an not getting their moneys worth if you ask me.

Janet S-P is another one who should be sat down with a nice warm cup of shut the fuck up.

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