Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Looking back to 2007

Well, yet another year went by. What to remember? Good or bad. Here's a few things that stand out for me, anyway (in no particular order, significance or otherwise):

  • A new job to start the year. Got away from hideous ISO27001 policy work to, ahh, hideous Manual of Protective Security (based on BS7799, the predecessor to guess what) policy work.
  • Started blogging seriously - starting TerryWatch certainly counts as my "Public Service" event of the year (shared with RFS).
  • Both trips to that incessantly pronounced "ghastly defeat for the British military" in Basrah. The first for how much time was spent under cover from mortar and rocket attack, the second for how (comparatively) little.
  • We got rid of Blair, Prescott and Reid. Unfortunately, that left us with Brown(e), Smith (J) and Darling so a no-score draw at best.
  • The SNP victories in the Scottish and local elections. However much I disagree with their core policy, the rotten hereditary fiefdoms of Jockanese Labour need to be crushed and, much as I would love the Tories to be able to do it, they can't. So that means SNP victories and, as a special "Brucie-bonus", pissing Terry off.
  • Working with Dan Hardie and others on the campaign for just treatment for the Iraqis employed by the British government.
  • Struggling to get Mrs S-E's website to function under Internet Explorer :(
I will probably add to this as I go through the day.

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