Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Shock Factoid

According to the Scotsman, the SNP were crowing that their membership has risen 11% in the last year. On the face of it, this seems a significant vote of approval in their policies.

However, that has risen to a mere 13,944 souls.

To put this into perspective, the greatest shake-up in the British constitutional framework since universal voting rights, and possibly since the 1707 Act of Union itself is being driven by very few people, a mere 0.27% of the population of Scotland (figure from the Office of National Statistics):

  • Under 1600 more than attended Dundee United's recent 2-0 defeat by Celtic.
  • Roughly 10000 fewer than voted for "the most useless man in Westminster", Falkirk's very own, Eric Joyce.
  • Less than 9 times the number of the severely deluded who voted for the "fattest numpty in Paisley", our Hero, Terry Kelly1.
  • Fewer than 1/10 the number of people who work for2 the NHS in Scotland.
  • Slightly more than 1/4 of the number of children born in Scotland in 2005.
  • Well under half the number of people registered members of the Army Rumour Service website.
I just really, really didn't think it was very many.

1. - Who still insists he represents "My ward is Whitesbridge, Fischer, Baronscourt and Ferguslie. ( Ward 3 )". Actually, according to the council, he represents Ward 4, Paisley North West. Let's not let a wee thing like the complete reorganisation of the system of voting for councillors get betweeen us :)

2. Okay, "paid by" may be more relevant than "work for".

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