Tuesday, January 08, 2008

In a zone of my own

After two via Clarkson, we have two via Dale.

Firstly, another poll - this one trying to align you with the US electoral candidates. Actually, this is a bad idea - you are not being aligned to the candidates, but to their platforms (and the difference between the two is obvious to those of us suffering under "Bottler Brown") and that they are, fairly obviously (and as required by their Constitution), Yanks. This means that they line up (as main party candidates) squarely on the traditional (il)liberal-leftist / conservative-government-minimalist lines (although US "liberals" do have a somewhat better claim to the name than the Lib-Dims). This clearly means I am not going to be that close. Once again, of course, I am slight embarrassed by where I plot - I consider myself further economically right than that - but then this is an American scale:

So, like Iain, I am closest to Ron Paul but am furthest from Fred Thompson (despite his excellent Iowa video). It would appear that I am roughly equally far from all of the Democrats, except, marginally, the two front runners. Oh well.

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