Thursday, January 03, 2008

Isn't it sad?

That the most sustained increase in traffic this blog has ever had is not through me writing something profound or even just timely. It is not through getting a referral link from one of the A-list bloggers or from the Iraqi employees campaigners. It isn't even from the usual searches for my intermittent swearwords.

It is from people looking for "Hello Kitty"* fan sites. Welcome to "Hello Kitty Hell".

Update: Yesterday, I appear to have got over 90% of my visits through various Google "Hello" or "Kitty" searches - and 3 from a comment I left on Tim's site. (And, no, low traffic though this blog is, it doesn't mean I got 30 visitors.)

* My 28th December post. And now, of course, this one. Damnation through infinite recursion.

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